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Measuring machines Made in Germany by THOME Präzision

Your competent partner for coordinate measuring technology

THOME Präzision GmbH is a medium-sized family company and is based in Messel near Darmstadt. We have been developing and producing high-precision coordinate measuring machines and the user-friendly measuring software "ThomControl" for over 25 years. Development and production take place exclusively in-house in Germany. We are characterized by high flexibility, excellent service and the inexpensive implementation of special requests.

Our highly qualified engineers will be happy to create a tailor-made solution for your measurement task

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Your team from THOME Präzision

Special offers manual and CNC measuring machines

Inexpensive coordinate measuring machines for solving your measuring tasks!

Manual CMM SMART special offers
Manaul 3D CMM

from € 14,990


from € 28,990

CNC CMM TETA special offers

from € 55,490

CNC Ständermessmaschine Made in Germany
Column measuring machine

from € 99,990

THOME Präzision "Bestseller"

Our best-selling coordinate measuring machines

CNC Koordinatenmessmaschine RAPID-Plus

CNC measuring machine RAPID-Plus

Measuring range: 700/500/500 to 1,500 / 800/700

Granite air bearing guides guarantee maximum precision.

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Manuelle Koordinatenmessmaschine SMART

Manual measuring machine SMART

Measuring range: 600/400/300 to 800/500/300

Manual measuring machine for quick and easy measurements.

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Contents of our website

CNC measuring machine TETA

Measuring range up to 1,500 / 800/700

Granite air bearing guides guarantee maximum precision.

Measurement software ThomControl

measurement software ThomControl for CMM´s
User-friendly measurement software

Fast measurement results thanks to simple operation.

Renishaw measurement systems

 Renishaw touch probes for CMM´s
Probe haeds / measure probes / styli

Touch probes suitable for every application.

Clamping system for maesuring machines

Clamping systems for coordinate measuring machines
T-slot chipboard / breadboard / claw set

Flexible clamping system for quickly clamping your workpieces

Presetting CMM

Voreinstellmessmaschine zum ermitteln von Elektrodenversatzdaten
Offset data determination

Electrode offset data for automatic transfer to EDM machines.

Retrofit for CMM´s
Modernisierung von Messmaschinen
With user-friendly measuring software

Outdated measuring machines are becoming modern coordinate measuring machines.

Used CMM´s

Gebrauchte Koordinatenmessmaschinen
Modern measuring software / new electronics / tested probe systems

Tested used coordinate measuring machines with a 6 month warranty.

Column CMM´s
Ständermessmaschinen CNC und Manuell (Handgeführt)
Measuring range up to 22,000 / 3,000 / 2,400

Air bearing guides combined with recirculating ball bearing guides guarantee maximum reproducibility.

Granite precision components

Granite precision parts custom-made according to drawing
Custom-made granite

Precision components made of granite according to drawing


Granite Normal Granite Angle Granite Rulers Granite Measuring Bars Granite Measuring Plates
Measuring bars / angle standards

Ideal for aligning machines.


Contract measurement on coordinate measuring machines
On THOME measuring machines

Receive meaningful measurement reports quickly.

Rent a coordinate measuring machine

Rent a coordinate measuring machine
Measuring machine from 58 € / day

If you buy it later, the rental price will be fully credited!

Laser scanner

Laser probes for measuring machines
Laser probes for measuring machines

Fast and contactless scanning of workpieces.

Trade fair Control

Trade fair Control in Stuttgart
Trade fair for quality assurance

Visit us at Control in Stuttgart. We would be happy to send you free tickets!

ISO 10360 testing for CMMs

Explanations for ISO 10360
Explanations for ISO 10360

Acceptance test and confirmation test for coordinate measuring machines

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Information on our CMM´s at +49 6159/7093-0
Tel +49 (0) 6159 7093-0
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Video gallery

3D and hand-held coordinate measuring machines from THOME Präzision

Scanning of free-form surfaces with the portal measuring machine RAPID-Plus
The hand-held measuring machine SMART measures a milled part with holes and distances

Picture gallery

CNC coordinate measuring machine RAPID-Plus

Measuring range from 500/700/500 to 800 / 1,500 / 700

3D measuring machine TETA

Measuring range: from 900 / 1,200 / 800 to 1,100 / 2,200 / 1,000

Hand-held CMM SMART

Measuring range from 600/400/300 to 800/600/300