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Coordinate measuring machines "Made in Germany" by THOME Präzision

At the moment our team is almost complete. If there is no suitable offer for you, we would be very pleased if you would come back at a later date. Perhaps we will then have just the right position for you. THOME Präzision GmbH is a family-owned company with headquarters in Messel near Darmstadt. We are an independent medium-sized company in the measuring industry with an international orientation. We develop, produce and sell high-precision coordinate measuring machines. Our individual products serve the automated quality assurance and the optimization of industrial production processes. The target markets are currently in particular the automotive industry and its suppliers as well as the aerospace industry. You will have a high degree of personal responsibility and independence as well as good opportunities for professional development with us. You can expect flat hierarchies and a good collegial cooperation.

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Mechanic / Mechatronics Technician / Precision Mechanic / Mechanical Technician

Assembly of coordinate measuring machines, service, calibration and installation of our measuring machines at home and abroad

For the assembly of our coordinate measuring machines we are looking for industrial mechanics / mechatronics / precision mechanics or mechanical engineers with a feeling for precision. You should have a careful and systematic work style. Your field of activity is the assembly and adjustment of our coordinate measuring machines. You will also be employed for service activities. This includes calibration and installation of the measuring machines at our customers in Germany and abroad. You will need good computer skills and absolutely a class B driver's license. We offer flexible time management in a young team and above-average pay.

Your activities:
  • Preassembly of assemblies
  • Final assembly of high precision coordinate measuring machines
  • Accurate alignment of the guides of our measuring machines
  • Calibration of our measuring machines with a high-precision laser interferometer
  • Solution of mechanical and electronic tasks within the scope of commissioning, maintenance and support of coordinate measuring machines
  • Hotline and customer support

  • Your profile:
  • Industrial mechanic, mechatronics technician, precision mechanic or mechanical engineering technician or comparable training
  • Professional experience in the respective area
  • Good knowledge of English and MS-Office
  • Willingness to travel, reliability, high motivation and an independent working style

  • Sales Engineer

    What do a shampoo and an industrial air filtration system have in common? Both are products that are looking for a buyer. Marketing technology, however, requires a fair amount of expertise that only engineers - ideally sales engineers - can bring to bear. According to information from the Association of German Engineers (VDI), engineers in earlier years were considered introverted and sometimes somewhat cranky tinkerers and do-it-yourselfers, but today they are called upon to be "technical doctors" who can explain the complex systems of the interaction between people, technology and society - even to laypersons - and "fix problems. To do this, engineers now also need the much-invoked soft skills - that is, the soft skills that are more important than ever in professional life today: teamwork and conflict management skills, for example. This is why the dynamic negotiation professional with strong communication skills is in demand, especially in the area of technical sales, who uses his convincing personality and technical understanding to find individual solutions in business-to-business transactions.

    Sales engineers need excellent technical understanding as well as skill in dealing with customers on a daily basis. They don't just have to know how something works. They must also be able to convey why the product in question is irreplaceable for a customer. Technical competence meets marketing strategy and the desire to sell. The most suitable candidates for this job are:

  • Good knowledge of English and MS-Office
  • Willingness to travel, reliability, high motivation and an independent working style

  • With appropriate continuing education:

  • Graduates of an engineering degree program

  • What do sales engineers need to be able to do?

    The field of activity of a sales engineer depends on the size of the respective company, the product range and the scope of the orders. Either he works only in the project engineering sector, i.e. the acquisition of old and new customers as well as the writing of tenders. However, both activities can also be performed by men and women who additionally look after the "after sales service", i.e. who look after customers after the purchase of a product.

    Sales engineers become active in two ways: Either a customer approaches you and asks for a new product, which often has to be individually tailored to the respective company. Or you have to take the more difficult route of new acquisition, approaching companies and presenting their product and service range. In both cases, it is clear that the activity is project-related: New orders must be obtained again and again, and intensive and time-consuming consulting must be offered.

    Dieter Moll explains the everyday work of a sales engineer using the example of a company that manufactures air filter systems, among other things, in the plant engineering sector. "Chemical companies, for example, are required by law to comply with certain emission values that cannot be achieved with outdated systems." In such a case, he says, the project is clear - the chemical company needs to upgrade the existing system and turns to the responsible sales engineer at the air filtration system company with its request.

    With the technical data and specification sent, the sales engineer can get an initial overview of the scope of the upcoming project. "In most cases, however, an on-site visit is necessary to check the installation conditions and get an overall impression of the compatibility of the company's own products with the already existing plant," says Moll.

    Keeping an eye on construction and assembly

    With this knowledge, the next step is to prepare a quotation. "If it's a larger project, there has to be consultation within the company about costing data, design, delivery dates, assembly and much more," he says, explaining the internal process. Once the offer has been prepared, it is presented to the customer. Until the contract is signed, there may still be improvements and further customer requests on the agenda.

    However, this does not mean that the sales engineer hands over the project. He often takes care of the after-sales service after the installation of the plant. In case of problems, he is the contact person who tries to find quick solutions. After all, customers should be satisfied and thus be permanently bound to a company.

    Where do sales engineers work?

    Sales engineers can be found in all sectors of the free economy that want to sell technical products, for example in the medical and electrical engineering or mechanical and plant engineering sectors. Your area of responsibility lies purely in the business-to-business sector. As a consultant, you can also set up your own business.

    Please send your application by e-mail only, stating your salary requirements to: