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Coordinate measuring machines "Made in Germany" by THOME Präzision

Coordinate measuring machines for solving your problems

Measuring machines for use in production

Many components all over the world are measured on our coordinate measuring machines. We are particularly proud of one thing: a RAPID type measuring machine measured the world's first TRANS RAPID. All rails on the "Shanghai Airport / Shanghai City" route were measured on our RAPID CNC coordinate measuring machine. The measuring machine ran around the clock like clockwork. The coordinate measuring machine was integrated in the middle of production. Every 2 minutes. "Great performance", said our customer after initial doubts. From the well-thought-out recording to the finished programming of the measuring machine, we have created a reliable problem solution for our customers. At THOME Präzision, customer satisfaction comes first.

The RAPID coordinate measuring machine measures TRANSRAPID


The Transrapid is running successfully in China. A very special prestige project for German high technology. But before that, all rails had to pass the test on a coordinate measuring machine from THOME Präzision. Every 2 minutes, in four shifts, around the clock, trouble-free.

Fully automated CNC measuring machines

A fully automated production cell equipped with our coordinate measuring machine has been running for years at a leading hydraulic manufacturer. The measuring machine is located in an air-conditioned cabin near a machining center. An articulated arm robot removes the parts from the machining center, cleans them and then places the workpieces in the measuring machine. A command is sent to the air conditioning cabin to open it. After closing the cabin, our coordinate measuring machine starts the measuring process. At the end, the robot receives the information "GOOD", "BAD" or "REWORK". The parts are then automatically removed and sorted accordingly. The whole thing has been running in 3-shift operation for years without any problems and to the complete satisfaction of our customer. The customer has already reordered two more measuring machines of the same type.

Ideal supplier of measuring machines for medium-sized companies


THOME Präzision is the ideal supplier of coordinate measuring machines for medium-sized companies. We are a medium-sized company ourselves and therefore know the needs of our customers very well:

  • Fast and competent support
  • affordable measuring machines for special problem solutions
  • Robust and reliable measuring machines that can be used universally
  • Easy handling

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