Measuring machines to solve your problems

Measuring machines applicationen

We measure components for projects that span the globe. At THOME Präzision we are especially proud to be part of one of the most prestigious international projects on record: the TRANS RAPID. Indeed, the entire rail track system between the Shanghai Airport and Shanghai itself was measured using our machines. Around the clock, non-stop our machines measured in two-minute tact. "Great Job", was the praise we received from our customer despite initial skepticism.

Another of our customers required a fully automated production unit, which we gladly provided. The machine is in a climate controlled cabin. In cooperation with a robot the cabin is opened, the workpiece is placed on our machine and subsequently measured after the cabin door is closed again. When completed, the robot is provided with the information "GOOD", "BAD", "REVISION". The components are automatically removed and sorted. This all runs in a 3-shift-operation to the complete satisfaction of our customer.
This explains why the next order is already there.



The Transrapid is successfully underway in China. An especially prestigious project demonstrating high-technology made in Germany. But before it could start, the entire rail track system passed through our machines. In two-minute tact, 24/7, around the clock, without a breakdown.

Messmaschine Messmaschine Rapid Plus Messmaschine Schulung Messmaschine vermisst Felge 3D-Messmaschine Messmaschine Applikation Messmaschine Dimension
Messmaschine Applikation Messmschine Rapid Messmaschine Teta Messmaschine Messmschiene Schulung Scanning Messmaschine Dimension Vermessung einer Fahrerkabine