Fixturing and palletizing system for CMMs

Clamping systems for coordinate measuring machines as building set

Spannsysteme für Messmaschinen Spannsystem Spannsystem von Thome Spannsystem für Messmaschinen

The component fixing is especially critical in the measure technique. You must guarantee that the component is fixed on a measure machine without any bracing. Otherwise the measure results would be adulterated and this may have serious consequences.

The flexibility of the clamping systems is also very important. A remodelling must be fast and uncomplicated.

A wide modular system affords the fast prepare and accommodate of devices. All parts are produced with high-class and hard anodised aluminium. In addition to a saving of time can be reached a saving of costs because of measure results and flexibility of the system.

Flexible, tough and easy. Our clamping system also solves your clamp jobs fast and faithful.

THOME Präzision offers two different clamping systems:

Clamping system SPANNFIX

Spannsystem SpannFix

Advantages of SPANNFIX

  • T-slot fixture plates
  • Simple
  • Fast
  • Good value

Clamping system Alumess

Spannsystem Alumess

Advantages of Alumess

  • Perforated plate
  • Precise
  • Very robust
  • Manifold