Clamping system ALUMESS

Spannsysteme für Messmaschinen Spannsystem Spannsystem Spannsystem von Thome Spannsystem für Messmaschinen Spannsystem für Koordinationsmessmaschinen

The clamping system ALUMESS is a comprehensive system for fixing components on a CMM. It is based on a perforated plate. The perforated plate is bolted to the granite surface plate of the measuring machine on which the individual modular elements can then be positioned.

Easy, rapid and economical

The Alumess fixturing and palletizing system consists of various elements which can be easily, quickly and economically mounted to a precisely positioned reproducible clamping fixture.


The system is mainly designed for flexible use on coordinate measuring machines. Further areas of use are for the production of samples and prototypes, laser inscription, laser processing or as a mounting device.


The basic elements can be fixed directly underneath each other, making up a robust and strong connection. Optimal accessibility to the point of measurement can be achieved, thanks to the space saving implementation of all construction elements.


Position holes in the pallets, plates, rails and angle plates as well as a wide range of support, positioning and stop elements enable a reproducible construction of any clamping fixture. This also means that only the constructed specific elements must be stored for re-use as required.


The locating screws are used to fix the clamping pallets on the basic plate quickly and easily which is mounted onto a measuring machine. This reduces the preparation time to a minimum.

Clamping fixtures are mounted onto the pallets outside the machine which greatly increases the efficiency.

In addition to this the efficiency is increased even more by mounting several pallets on a basic plate. This means that the fully equipped basic plates can be measured at night without the supervision of personnel.

The finish of the basic elements

Most of the basic elements are made out of high-strength aluminium which is anodized afterwards, the basic plates are hard-coated. The hard-coated finish of further elements is available upon request. Steel accessories are supplied in high quality, anti corrosion finish.

Planing and documentation

On request we have a CAD-library at our disposal for the computer supported planing and documentation of clamping fixtures.

Getting started

For quick start up with the ALUMESS-system we have various starter kits at our disposal which can be accustomed to you needs. We are also prepared to put together a kit specified to the customer´s wishes.

Clamping system KIT A

Spannsystem Alumess Kit A

Description of clamping system KIT A

Clamping system KIT B

Spannsystem Alumess Kit B

Description of clamping system KIT B

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Manifold, robust and precise: Our clamping system also solves your clamping tasks quickly and reliably.

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