Renishaw TP200

The TP200 was developed for tightly toleranced workpieces, and where access to features requires long or complex stylus arrangements.

High precision repeatability and 3D form measurement with long styli is achieved by employing a novel type of strain gauge structure to detect small displacements of the stylus tip.

In standard probes, where a mechanical switch generates the touch signal, the force required at the stylus tip to trigger the probe varies with the probing direction, producing small form measurement errors sometimes called 'lobing'. The TP200 overcomes this error by using electronic strain sensing to precisely detect the force produced by minute displacements of the stylus tip.

The TP200 system incorporates a probe body and separate stylus modules, providing rapid stylus changing and probe overtravel capability, and is compatible with Renishaw's probe heads and extension bars.

Features and benefits of the TP200

  • Strain-gauge technology offers excellent repeatability and precision 3D form measurement.
  • Zero reseat errors.
  • No lobing effect.
  • 6-way measuring capability
  • Stylus reach of up to 100 mm (GF styli)
  • Rapid probe module changing without the need to re-qualify the stylus tips
  • Life of >10 million triggers

TP200 stylus modules

Module SF (standard force) LF (low force) EO (extended overtravel)
Application General use. Small diameter stylus balls or where minimum force is essential. Extra overtravel to enable the CMM to stop safely from higher probing speeds.
Comments Styli up to 100 mm long and ball diameter > 1 mm. Balls less than 1 mm diameter. Same overtravel force as SF.
Extra 8 mm of overtravel in probe Z axis.

Changing rack

Renishaw SCR200


The SCR200 provides automatic, high speed changing of up to six TP200 stylus modules. The SCR200 is powered by the separate probe interface, PI200, and provides features to facilitate safe stylus changing. The SCR200 is available in low force and standard force kits, where each kit comprises one SCR200 plus three stylus modules of the same force.