Renishaw RTP20

The automated indexing of the RTP20 allows the integral TP20 probe to be moved to 168 repeatable positions in 15-degree increments using both the A and B axes, requiring a one-time only qualification for each stylus position thus ensuring fast throughput for part inspection.

RTP20 probe key benefits


Improved productivity is achieved via probe module changing and automated indexing without the need for constant re-qualification.

Increased reach and flexibility

A built-in extension together with existing extension bars allow reach up to 168 mm (including maximum stylus length).


Utilising the CMM motion to lock and orientate the head, together with the MCR20, provides a fully automated system.

Crash protection

TP20 modules have overtravel in all directions. The magnetic mounting provides additional crash protection in X and Y.

TP20 modules

Seven different TP20 modules are available. Each of them has been developed to simplify and optimize measurement tasks. Measurements are also possible at places which are hard to reach. For measurements in the Z direction the TP20 6-way stylus module is ideally suited.

Product videos from RTP20