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The PH10M is a motorised probe head designed to increase throughput by giving DCC machines the added capability of probe re-orientation. This enables the probe to inspect features at different angles without the need for frequent, timeconsuming, stylus cluster changes.

PH10M is compatible with a range of both contact and noncontact scanning sensors and touch trigger probes, allowing the size, position and form of critical features to be determined. Renishaw's autochange systems, used in conjunction with PH10M, provide fast repeatable probe and extension bar exchange, without the need for re-qualification of the stylus tip, helping to maximise productivity.

The PH10M is an established product that provides a cost effective probing solution for many applications.

Features and benefits of the PH10M

Increased throughput

The ability of the PH10M to index automatically reduces the number of stylus changes required, thereby increasing the throughput of your CMM. Indexing is faster than stylus changing.

Improved accuracy

The PH10M can achieve 0.5 μm repeatability at 62 mm radius, providing accurate positioning even when using long extensions.

Increased reach and flexibility

Extension bars up to 300 mm long together with the full range of Renishaw autojoint and M8 probes can be used with PH10M.


Repeatable kinematic location

The PH10M uses six point kinematic location for each of its 720 positions making its locking mechanism extremely repeatable.

The Renishaw autojoint

This patented feature allows repeatable automatic probe exchange without the need for stylus re-qualification.

UCC compatibility

The PH10M can be used in conjunction with Renishaw's UCC controller family providing a comprehensive solution.