Clamping system SPANNFIX

Clamping system for CMM - SpannFix from Thome Precision Clamping system for CMM SpannFix Clamping system SapnnFix

The SPANNFIX metric component kit for modular CMM fixtures from THOME Präzision is the most effective and economical fixture system. An uncommonly wide variety of components such as standoffs and swivel-heads are provided to improve setup flexibility.

The kit design and configuration allows individual components to be multi-tasked and combined into an unlimited variety of fixture setups for a wide range of part types.

SPANNFIX components are compatible with our t-slot fixture plates, and with other M6 threaded grid plate systems. Our components are predominantly stainless steel and anodized aluminum for corrosion resistance and a very long lifetime.


You can order these kits in our online shop:

Please keep in mind that both kits don't include fixture plates.