Rigid rotary and swivel heads from Renishaw

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Rigid turn and swivel head PH6

Renishaw rigid turn and swivel head PH6

Renishaw rigid turn and swivel head PH6

The PH6 is a rigid, probe head that can be used for both manual and CNC coordinate measuring machines. The PH6 has an M8 thread for probe adaptation. It can therefore be combined with all probes with M8 threads. It is normally used with the TP20 or TP200 probe. To realize lateral plunging into bores, a star probe must be used. The maximum projection is limited to 50mm.

Here you can download the technical data of the PH6 as PDF document PDF-Download of the PH6 technical data
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Rigid turn and swivel head PH6M with scanning function

 Starrer Scanningtastkopf PH6M von Renishaw

Starrer Dreh- und Schwenkkopf PH6M mit Scanningfunktion

The PH6M is a rigid probe. It has a multiwire interface and an autojoint mount. Therefore it is also suitable for use with scanning probes. It can be combined with the SP25M to form a compact and cost-effective scanning system.

Benefits of the PH6M
  • Rigid probe
  • Auto-recording for fast, repeatable and accurate probe changing
  • All mercanal sensors as well as standard probes and extensions can be attached via the auto-mount
  • PAA adapters with autojoint allow the use of probes and extensions with M8 mount

  • Here you can download the technical data of the PH6M as PDF document PDF-Download of the PH6M technical data

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