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REVO® is a dynamic new measuring head and probe system from Renishaw. A revolutionary product designed to maximise CMM throughput whilst maintaining high system accuracy.

In recognition to the revolutionary 5-axis measuring technology that has brought dramatic benefits to part inspection on CMMs, REVO® has received three international technology awards:

  • Most Innovative Product Platinum Award at ENGIMACH 2010
  • Innovation Micron d'or Award at Micronora 2008
  • Best quality control product or system winner at the MWP 2008

REVO® uses synchronised motion and Renscan5™ measurement technology to minimise the dynamic effects of CMM motion at ultra high measurement speeds.

This is achieved by letting the REVO® head do the fast demanding motion while the CMM moves in a linear slow fashion. The use of a flexible tip sensing probe system further adds to the systems' accuracy and flexibility. The removable probe system, used in conjunction with a low cost changer, provides added system flexibility.

Faster calibration

Calibration on traditional CMM systems consumes a considerable amount of time that could otherwise be used for part measurement. The unique calibration technique developed for REVO determines the actual head and probe geometry, allowing measurement in any position from a single operation, thus dramatically reducing calibration time.

REVO valve seat and guide measurement

The measurement of valve seat and guides has traditionally been very challenging, involving time-consuming methods that often do not provide a sufficiently capable measurement.

REVO and Renishaw's Renscan5™ technology change this situation dramatically. It is now possible to collect very quickly large amounts of data, from which the analysis parameters for both the valve seat and the valve guide features can be calculated. The method performs exceptionally well in repeatability and reproducibility tests.

Controller system

The Renscan5™ technology is embedded in Renishaw's UCC2 CMM controller which forms the basis of the 5-axis measurement system — 2 of these axes are rotary and at the CMM quill. Patented software capability within the UCC provides unique motion commands, synchronisation and 5-axis metrology capability.

In order to achieve the high scanning speeds it is essential the 5-axis measurement system has a fully integrated control loop. This is achieved using Renishaw's UCC2 and SPA2-2 system.

REVO® changer system

The REVO® probe change system is designed to allow automatic REVO® probe and stylus holder changing on a CMM. The primary purpose of the system is to improve flexibility with the ability to use and store longer styli and large star stylus configurations.

For optimum metrology, REVO® probes and stylus holders should be changed automatically using REVO® change ports (RCPTC and RCP) and a flexible change rack (FCR25). These ports are mounted on the modular rack system.

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