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Renishaw MIH-S
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The manually indexable head (MIH) is positionally repeatable in 720 positions and features an autojoint probe mount for fast, repeatable probe changing. This ensures compatiblity with most Renishaw probes except multiwire (e.g. TP7M).

An integral LCD enables easy programming with the facility to memorise up to 20 probe positions.

The MIH is designed for use with long probe extensions for larger components.


The MIH-S (manual indexable head - serial) is an enhanced version of the standard MIH which provides feedback of status and lock position to the CMM computer over an RS232 link via the MIH-SI interface.

This enables the CMM computer to:

  • verify that the MIH-S has been moved to the correct position and locked in place
  • identify the position which the MIH-S has been locked into

Measurement performance, functionality and dimensions are the same as for the standard MIH.